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A Bit of Background


In essence, Risino is an Art Exhibition  company, specialising in Chinese art sales, leasing and exhibitions. Our aim is to also build a secure global art blockchain market through the development of an expandable, cataloguing platform to create a democracy of access and investment, and thereby place history for the first time into the hands of the people.


Art is an encapsulation of the human experience. Its affect is transcendental – a synthesis of the temporal and the eternal – a bridge between man and god.


It connects. It inspires. It incites.


Its beauty comes not only from its aesthetics but in the emotion it conveys and in the history it carries. But history has always been written by the victorious and owned only by the most affluent of the time.

The immortal works of the legendary Chinese dynasties whilst widely celebrated have remained for the unyielding privilege of the fortunate few – the 1% – until now.


The aim of Risino is to revolutionize the provenance, protection, and trading of fine art by breaking down the barriers which have kept the industry insulated from the technological advancements that have transformed other markets such as company stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate.

The Chinese Art Market

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in Maoist China in 1966 resulted in the
suspension of all art related activities with the exception of official art endorsed by the
government with the purpose of preserving communist ideology.

The end of the Cultural Revolution in 1977 triggered economic reform across the
country, and led to the Open Door Policy, which allowed foreign trade to blossom and
the Chinese economy to boom. This gave rise to the establishment of essential
infrastructure including galleries, auction houses, museums and art fairs.


However, it was not until 1992 that the private art market was liberalised by communist authorities.
Since then the Chinese art trade has corresponded positively with the flourishing
Chinese economy to become a prominent market on the international stage.

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