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Macau Chung Shun International Auctions Company Ltd, come on as a Partner of Risino.

Currently, there are 78 registered companies in the antique and artworks’ auction business in Macau.

Macau Chung Shun International Auctions Co., Ltd. is the largest organisation in its field. Last year, at one auction it sold items valued at MOP1.2 billion (US$150 million) according to Mr. Wong.

He said that the estimated profit of the auction industry would be between MOP7 billion to MOP30 billion per year once developed and could create 11,000 to 45,000 jobs in Macau including 4,200 to 18,000 jobs directly related to the auction industry, according to Mr. Wong. However, he also added that currently Macau still lacks professionals in this area, which will require skilled human resources, and the security that is currently insufficient in Macau.

Gavin Wanganeen to exhibit in Hong Kong Art Show

Risino signs Gavin Wanganeen to an exclusive sales agreement.

Australian company Risino is set to host the 3rd Asia-Pacific Art Biennial Exhibition and is
proud to announce that it has signed legendary Australian AFL sportsman, and talented
indigenous artist, Gavin Wanganeen to showcase his work at the event.

The Asian Art Biennial has been recognized as an important event in the art world since its
inaugural exhibition in Hong Kong in 2015, where it received stirring support from artists right
across Asia. For the first time since the exhibition's inception some of the most celebrated
artists from across Australia, Europe and the United States will be participating. The exhibition
has therefore been rebranded the Asia-Pacific Biennial, and aims to facilitate and promote a
greater cultural and artistic exchange between nations.

One of the primary driving forces behind this rebranding is the belief that Art transcends
politics and even cultures. It encapsulates the human experience, and reaches out to
something deep within our primal selves, like early man staring at the stars in wonder. Art
washes away the borders and barriers that separate us, and instead unites us as human

The 3rd Asia-Pacific Art Biennial will be held at the Hong Kong Central Library Exhibition Hall
from January 1-4, 2020.
Risino as hosts for the Asia Pacific Art Biennial are thrilled to announce that Gavin Wanganeen
has signed an exclusive sales agreement which covers the majority of Asia.
Risino Pty Ltd love the concept of collecting. Our enjoyment of art and culture is what
ultimately inspired us to pursue our passion as devoted Art Collectors. Over the years, we’ve
built our collection into something exquisite. We are now proud to host the Asia-Pacific Art
Biennial Exhibition and will donate art from our collection to be auctioned with the proceeds put
towards `Breast Cancer Awareness`, both in Hong Kong and Australia.