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Risino Team Members


Hao Qi Weng (Keith)


Keith was born in Guangzhou in the South of China, and studied Management & Engineering at China Central Radio & TV University in his hometown. It was here that his natural passion for business and manufacturing was nurtured and his infectious energy first emerged; an energy that has only intensified since his immigration to Australia in 1988.

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Martin Logan

Managing Director & Co founder

Martin's interests expanded into real estate, where he managed & owned several prominent offices across the south east suburbs of Melbourne; achieving an award winning reputation as a charismatic and successful auctioneer, before moving into property development.

With a lifetime of art collecting as family interest , Martin's immense personal drive has led him to explore his lifelong ambition of not only entering the global art market, but of impacting it in a way never that's never been seen before .


Mr Ye Zhengrong

Blockchain Expert

Born in October 1980

Hubei, China

 Shenzhen Yunwang Tianxia Technology Co., Ltd. Director, Owner

 Yi Liang (Shenzhen) Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd.  Director, Owner

 IBC Blockchain Business School ( President

 Graduated from Wuhan University, Hubei China

 Decentralized Blockchain cloud Storage Application, Brand owner: Monkey Little Egg Blockchain technology Senior Scholar.



Won Participated in the third prize of Shenzhen 2018 Technology Innovation Competition,

Currently CCTV interviewed.

Guangdong TV station interviewed.

The cover story of the ingenuity of Chinese readings.

There are 6 technical invention patents and 16 software’s.

Mainly engaged in artificial intelligence, big data, and research blockchain applications, providing with the Blockchain, Big data and Artificial intelligence solutions for local and international bodies.


Mr Lam Yi Kei

Chairman of Events

He is currently Chairman of the Association of Star Art Asian Artists, Chairman of the Asia-Pacific International Oil Painters Association, Honorary Dean of the New Lingnan Culture and Art Institute, and Honorary Chairman of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Grand Bend Culture and Art Federation.


Since the 1980s, Mr. Lin Yiqi has been engaged in various aspects of art work such as film, television, art production, oil painting, gouache, and movie posters.

 In the advertising, film and other major projects as a designer, art director, art director, director, producer.


Bai Xiang (Bruce)

Director China Operations

Bruce graduated from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (Zhejiang Province) and graduated with honours.

Business Experience:

2015-Now Beijing Ebrun Co., Ltd Title: Eastern-China Director (亿邦动力网) is a specialized e-commerce media company in China. It acts as an influential magazine in the e-commercial industry.

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